Nurture – Notes and Recipes

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We so happy to have helped showcase this wonderful book, and delighted to share it here, its’ something quite beautiful.

Over 40 years ago, Carole Bamford began a journey towards a more conscious way of life. What began as a desire to make a small difference to the health and future of our planet has grown from a collection of empty barns, bare fields and a small herd of dairy cows, to become Daylesford Organic, one of the most sustainable farms in the UK.

It has to be one of our favourite places and spaces to work, visit and create in.

This new book tells the story of how and why it all began and brings to life the principles, ideas and beliefs that have made Daylesford what it is today. From sustainable farming to holistic health, Nurture shares Carole Bamford’s vision for a more mindful way of life and how we can all nourish our bodies, mind and spirit in a simple and balanced way.

At the heart of Daylesford is its connection to the land and the book also celebrates the bountiful organic produce it reaps with a selection of seasonal recipes. Nurture is a celebration of the bounty that nature provides, and a reminder that we must all take care of the land we live off, so that future generations can enjoy its riches too.

Here at We Are Shuffle it’s been a privilege to have worked with the brand for almost five years, and we like to think that we’ve played a small part to make it what it is today. Proud to have some of our photos in the book too.

Please head to and buy a copy, the read is fantastic, ethos inspiring and recipes are simply stunning!