Arctic Adventures

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It’s been a refreshing November in so many ways, for a start we’ve had a lot of freedom, the usual fashion shoots that we are infamous for replaced with new projects and challenges.

As creative folk, freedom is that golden moment when you can plot new adventures, ideas and develop exciting projects. You pack up your kit, put a pin on a map, jump on a plane and head to a corner of the planet knowing that you’re going to be doing some of the best work of your life!

It’s especially magic as you also get to work on ideas that have been on our mind for so long. It’s moments like this that provide us all with new a energy, a notebook full ideas, and that brilliant motivation to express ourselves, freely!

This month, we decided to do just that, the fashion shoots were off the cards, and new projects well underway and in a good place. So with just our gang and good friends such as Hasselblad ambassador Tom Oldham, we headed off loaded with drones, cameras, lights, sound kit, ronins’ go pro’s, and hard drives galore.

So its Iceland we said, that beautiful place that licks the arctic circle, should provide us with an epic backdrop to film, co-create, meet new creatives and celebrate our expertise. Yes it it did and boy was it worth it!

Apart from driving through snowstorms, hitting the black beaches, filming in the glorious morning light, and meeting some of the fittest athletes on the planet, all in all we came back with gold and a project that is up there with some of our best.

Hang tight, and we’ll share it with you real soon.. we look forward to it.