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We’ve just embarked on a project that will take us across the UK and meet face to face with all the key people at Barbour Stores.

An idea conceived here at our studio, this exciting project allows thousands of customer a deeper insight into each Barbour and Barbour International store.

Whilst we all use google maps and street views, using illustration, editorial, photography and native content, it allows visitors to and associated social channels detailed information on how to reach a store and which key collections defines the store.

There also personal styling tips from Store managers, and look books curated by the teams in store stylists.

We kicked this off with a visit to the heritage store in London’s Spitalfields Market in East London, a beautiful building on the junction off commercial road looking towards the Old Truman brewery.

Greeted by Ian Smith and his team, we interviewed, photographed collections, the store, and started our sketches for the final illustrations.

Here’s the fist peek at some of the content, and we look forward to sharing more as we develop the project or you can see all of the stores here .

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