Chateau Léoube – award-winning organic Provencal wines and olive oil from one of the most beautiful protected sites in Europe.

Image / We Love


Photography by WE ARE SHUFFLE

W’eve built our reputation on our photography, working for some of the most respected brands in the food and wine sector. Shooting high end content for print and for digital is still one of the things we love to showcase, and produce for clients and partners.

Chateau Léoube produce award-winning organic Provencal wines and olive oil carefully tended by hand, using time-honoured artisan methods to work in harmony with the land. Working sustainably, with the future of our planet in mind, this been at the heart of the Léoube philosophy. This commitment to nature guides every part of how they grow and make things, therefore throughout all of our work the standard of visual, photography and communication has to showcase the brands beautiful provenance, whilst at the same time stimulate the senses.

We’re proud that over the years our film-making, photography and content skill have been able to rub shoulders with such story of profound devotion to the land.

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