Good Energy x Wyke Farms

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Inspiring the UK’s energy revolution.

Sound great to us, so we gladly helped out by creating some content nuggets to announce a great little collab between Wyke Farms and Good Energy.

Both companies are working in collaboration to create a cleaner, greener future and we couldn’t be happier, why?, because as well as making award winning cheddar, Wyke Farms put sustainability at the heart of everything they do. The Clothier family have been crafting the best tasting Cheddar on their farm in the heart of Somerset for over 150 years. Today, not only do they generate all of their own electricity and gas for their cheese making, any excess is supplied back into the grid to power the green revolution.

Richard Clothier won the business leader of the year, with his great ambition to go green, and is closely aligned to Good Energy’s mission to help combat climate change.

So a fantastic joint competition launched by both brands, allowed fans to enjoy delicious Somerset Cheddar whilst at the same having the chance to win a free supply of renewable electricity, your chance to do your bit to combat climate change by winning a free supply of renewable electricity.

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