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We’re going through a lot of changes, what with a new studio, new clients, projects and personal ambitions for the business, so we thought we would get some fresh perspective on our logo and image too from the one and only Pedro Oyarbide.

We approached the talented Pedro Oyarbide, who collaborated on some new icons and badges that pulled our original logo into new places.

We’re still experimenting with things as the man is so busy, so for now were working with our snake icon, and developing imagery for our new drone division run like warewolves. There’s also comanche film which we are developing into a great little film business, adding new producers, directors and creators from the far stretches of the globe to the rosta…here’s the first sneak.., Illustrator, Artist, Film, Photography, Production, Agency, WeAreShuffle, Helmet, GIF
Pedro Oyarbide

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